We empower our guests with options, structure, and compassion so that they can take that next step towards a better life.

Structure and Compassion

New Life Care is an Arizona Licensed behavioral health residential organization. We understand the great need for quality residential facilities to assist people with behavioral health issues and addiction. We have assembled a group of top professionals who are committed to enriching the lives of those struggling with addiction and offer compassionate care to people in need of service. We are committed to the success of the people we serve, no matter the situation.


  • 12 Step Model
  • Specialized Trauma Counseling
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Coping Skills Coaching
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HIgh Level Care

At New Life Care, we accommodate residents with substance abuse disorders like alcohol and Opioids with co-occurring disorders such as Trauma, Depression, or anxiety. We will ensure your client is properly cared for with Structure, dignity, and respect.

Home & Community

New Life Care connects with our local neighbors and community receiving volunteers to run on location 12-step program meetings, as well as other types of therapy, groups, and programs.

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Services & Care

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Medication Management

New Life Care aids with the self-administration of medications. We take the stress out of medication management and make sure that residents have exactly what they need when they need it with safety and health at the utmost priority.
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In-House Transportation

Transportation is provided by the residents’ insurance company for doctor’s appointments. When appropriate, group outings can be accommodated by New Life Cares 12 passenger van.

Large shared bedrooms

Spacious shared bedrooms that allow amazing comfort and privacy that allow you to focus on your treatment.

12 steps programs

AA, NA & 12 Step Based

The programs and structure to guide you to your sober new life.

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From Scratch Meals

Residents are taught how to prepare delicious food and have a healthy diet.

meal planning

Healthy Meal Planning

All meals (3 times per day/ 7 days per week) are approved by a registered dietitian and utilize fresh ingredients, including fruits and vegetables.

Health and Wellness Therapy


Therapies are always being expanded in scope to address the needs of the residents including stretching, yoga, calisthenics, aerobics, etc..

Fun Activities

New Life Care schedules varied activities throughout the week such as Meditation, Music, Art, Gardening Therapies.
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Life skills training will include food preparation to fit a healthy lifestyle.

★ Resident Made Meals         ★ Dietitian Approved        ★ Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” –  Hippocrates

Your Health

New Life Care coordinates residents care with Mobile physicians which provide both Primary Care Physician appointments and Psychiatric visits through preferred providers. This is vital to manage medication and provide preventative care and meet the needs of the resident’s treatment plan.

New Life Care also coordinates mobile lab and X-ray services. Saliba’s Mobile Pharmacy works with our preferred providers to assure 24-hour delivery of medication is available, 365 days a year.

Tele-med visits are encouraged when possible and the resident will also meet with our registered Nurse monthly.

24-Hour Supervision     Planned Exercise     Close Proximity to Hospitals

The Phrase Program

New Life Cares Phase Program is designed to give Residents a positive Roadmap for success and recovery. Step by Step, Skills are retained and developed. Confidence, good decision making, self-assurance, feelings of control, and security are developed, practiced, and internalized. Accomplishing the Phases is graduating to greater and greater responsibility.

★ Structure     ★ Life-Skill Development     ★ Improved Self Confidence


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6127 W. Wagoner Rd. Glendale, AZ

10 Bed Male Facility

This is a beautiful 10 bed male facility home with the privacy and comfort you need to focus on your recovery with all the comforts of home. Learn more

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1741 W. Oriabi Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85027

*Coming Soon*

This is a beautiful 8 bed facility home with the privacy and comfort you need to focus on your recovery with all the comforts of home. Learn more

4023 W. Grandview Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85053

*Coming Soon*

This is a beautiful 10 bed facility home with the privacy and comfort you need to focus on your recovery with all the comforts of home. Learn more

New Life Care at Wagoner

6127 West Wagoner Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85308

New Life Care at Grandview

4023 W. Grandview Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85053

New Life Care at Oriabi

1741 West Oriabi Drive, Phoenix AZ 85027

24 Hour Care Professional Staff

Our 24-Hour Professional Staff is trained weekly on care and procedure standards, as well as helping them understand the people we serve. New Life Care follows the 12-step model for consistency in recovery. We guide our residents through the steps of adjusting back into the community and leading healthy, productive lives. We also assist with several life skills like resume writing, interviewing, and employment opportunities. Also budgeting, shopping, and housing options.
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